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Sept. 11, 2020 is the day we officially made a commitment to fully transition one business to Godly Example. I had a clothing line called Pukka Clothing. I loved itand had been rocking it for seven years. One day I had an interview and the person kept slipping out the "F-Bomb" when referring to Pukka. I was devasted. He thought it was funny, but I DID NOT!

Pukka meant first-class, genuine, authentic, and real. Yes, it is a real word! After having to explain the meaning, explain how to pronounce it... Puk-ka not Poo-ka, and after trying to make sure people didn't replace the "P" with a "F," I needed something that defined who I am, what I am striving to be and my purpose in life.

I was trying to come up with everything, but nothing clicked or it was taken or too close to someone else's vision. I felt like DMX, "Lord show me a sign!" I needed something. I made a decision to close my online store and take it out the mall. (Ugghhh I still have product left, but I had to follow my heart. Besides, I want to be a family company.)

One Saturday night, Aug 29th to be exact, just like Pukka came to me in a dream, I had another one. God came to me and said, "You are a Godly Example!" I was like, "Wait God. I mean I love you, but I am far from being perfect. A good person, yes, but like God... that is a tall order." I was thinking to myself, "Bruh tripping!" I was literally trying to wake up from that dream over and over, but it kept taking me back to the same spot. Have you ever experienced that?

That next morning... Sunday, I woke up and told my mom about my dream before church. We were watching it virtually in our own homes due to the pandemic. The Pastor started preaching and it was like he had paused everything and said, "You are a Godly Example!" I looked around to see if someone else was in the room. He said it twice. At this point I was nervous and excited at the same time. I called my mom and said, "Did you hear that?"

It was at that moment I created the instagram, email, the logo and even made my first post before even making my first shirt for it. Since I do everything myself, I felt comfortable. The next couple of days was a mental battle. What will people say? How would they judge? Do I have to be perfect? God said, "NO because I am!" The dream came back on the morning of 9.11. This time it indicated that it was an emergency! I have been charged to help others, inspire others, and impact others. September 11, 2020, I made a pledge to SAY H.I.I!

Nobody is perfect, but we can all be a Godly Example!

- Shaun P!

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